Plastic welder machine for N95 face welding

  • Model number:GW-GL-S
  • MOQ:1set
  • Payment terms:T/T or Western Union,or Paypal
  • Package way:plywood box
  • Delivery way:by Ocean or By air
  • Lead time:within 15 workdays after your order confirmation

N95 Mask Edge Sealer


1. Automatic frequency tracking technology 

2. With different mold adaptive function

3.Adjustable amplitude(power) control function

4.Real-time data display function

5.Overload (over current) protection,short circuit and break protection,emergency stop and over temperature alarm function 

6. With process parameter setting password protection function


Working temperature:℃-50

Input power: 220V 50/60Hz

Fuse specification: size Φ 5X20 current 10A

Output Power: 0-2600W

Output voltage: 0-3000V

Machine size: 400*170*270mm

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