Semi-Automatic Scale Screen Printing Machinery For Scales(GW-2030-R1)

  • Model number:GW-2030-R1
  • Printing area:200*300mm
  • Printing speed:2500PCS/Hr
  • Machine size:1000*1150*1450mm
  • Gross weight:150kg
  • MOQ:1set
  • Payment terms:T/T,Western Union,Paypal
  • Package way:plywood
  • Delivery way:by sea
  • Lead time:within 10 workdays
  • Worktable size:250*450mm

Automatic plastic ruler screen printing equipment with rotary table


This kind machine is high precision rulers screen printing machine,with high speed rotary 

worktable,can run in high speed without any vibrations.During printing process,you can 

put or take off the products,reduce machine down time.Max.printing speed can be up to 

2500PCS/Hr,mainly applied to printing rulers, equilateral triangles rulers, Delta rulers, 

Protractor etc stationery products in large quantities


1.Speed cam splitter architecture rotary wortkable

2.Adopts Taiwan LSK linear Guide, assure the machine with high precision

3.Worktable can be adjusted slightly, you can adjust on X.Y direction, adjustment precision 

up to 0.01MM

4.High strength large capacity vacuum tube adsorption

5.Various stationery rules does not require making jigs, quick change

6.No product,no print

7.LCD control panel, multiple print mode selection, operation is simple and convenient

8.Full-cast aluminum body, metallic paint

9. Left and right stroke can be adjustable,Taiwan Photoelectric switch limit

10.Squeegee/blade angle can be adjusted freely

11. Screen frame position can be adjusted front and back ,left and right,up and down

12. Up and down,Left and right are equipped with Taiwan CEC oil buffer to eliminate printing vibrations

13. The whole machine runs fastly, smooth, noiseless

Technical Parameter

Max.printing area:200*300mm

Max.printing speed:2500PCS/Hr

Worktable size:250*450mm

Max.frame size:300*500mm

Left and right stroke:350mm

Up and down stroke:100mm

Disc size: 600mm

Workpiece max.height: 50mm

Power:220V 50-60Hz

Machine size: 1000*1150*1450MM


Rotary workstation: 2,4,8(optional )


Note: This kind machine is Suitable for 30CM or less than 30CM triangle ruler, ruler, 

Protractor and related flat-product LOGO printing

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