4 Color Print Head Pad Printing Machine(GW-M4-ST)

  • Model number:GW-M4-ST
  • Printing area:60*170mm
  • Printing speed:600PCS/hr
  • MOQ:1 set
  • Payment terms:T/T,Western Union,Paypal,L/C
  • Package way:plywood
  • Delivery way:by sea
  • Lead time:within 20days

Four-Color Sealed Ink Cup Pad Printer with Shuttle Table

Function introduction 
1. PLC program, kinds of printing model option 
2. Auto 4-digit counter built-in, and stat. Printing quantity

3. Locating by servo, it is no necessary to use mechanical to adjust 
4. Adopting Japanese THK linear guide and ball screw to construct linearity terrace

5. Every printing head lift up or fall separately, it isn' t limited with outside dimension of products 
6. Airframe adopts coin alloy, and metal coating surface 
7. Worktable, printing head and ink tray can be adjusted X. Y. Z direction 
8. Sucking ink and the pressure of printing pad can be adjusted independently 
9. Scrapper stroke can be adjusted 
10. It has function of leveling ink by sliding automatically on front /back, this can avoid printing ink partial solidification 
11. The speed of all the cylinders have an independent regulator intortum 
12. Adopts original Japan SMC and Taiwan MINDMAN pneumatic component 
13. Each adjustable location has scale logo 
14. It has the function of forbidding the pad fallen when no air pressure enter into 
15. The machine is running fast, it is steady and low voice

feature and  parameter 
Action model option Fully automatic semi-automatic manual self-programming 
(You can choose to print 1, 2, 3, 4 color  Arbitrary rotating to print 
Working style Arbitrary positioning for 1-4 workstation 
Start-up method Panel foot switches 
Fixing method of shuttle and rotary table Pulse positioning 
Driving method of shuttle and rotary table Servo motor 
Scraper working style Electronic switch 
Scraper pressure controller By pressure regulating Valve

Steel plate size 100*200mm 
Printing speed 600PCS/hr 
Power :220V 50-60Hz 2000W 
Air pressure 5-7bar 
Transverse distance 200MM 
Vertical distance 75MM 
Max. Printing area 60* 170MM 
Centre distance of ink tray 170MM 
Repeat precision < 0.05MM 
Printing workstation 1 PC 
Fixing clamp method Locking by mounting plate screw 
Choosing the material of clamp Bakelite epoxide resin 
Plastic fastness style By wooden bolt


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