Screen Printing Machine With Auto Unloading System(GW-6080A-2)

  • Model number:GW-6090A-2
  • Printing area:600*900mm
  • Printing speed:1000 pieces per hour
  • Machine size:2830*1870*1960mm L*W*H
  • Gross weight:450KG
  • MOQ:1 set
  • Payment terms:T/T,L/C
  • Package way:plywood
  • Delivery way:by sea
  • Lead time:within 20days
  • Worktable size:700*1000 MM

Automatic offset Wedding Card Screen Printing Machine


It is a big size vertical flat screen printing machine with auto unloading device, adopting distyle constructure, double conversion system, operating fastly and steadly. It is suitable for printing PVC, it can only print  film sheet, pvc sheet, pp sheet, paper,key film, plastic sheet . and high precision  screen printing within printing area 600*900mm


1. controlling machine by PLC
2. Auto 4-digit counter built-in
3. vertical constructure, the screen frame lift up and down verticaly by electricity, driving transversa stroke of printing head left and right action by imported linear slide
4. printing and screen frame up and down are drived independently
5. controlling printing blade up and down by transducer system, controlling stroke by photocell eye, adjusing independently
6. kinds of printing cycle designed by printing action, you can be free to choose according to your printing craftwork.
7. setting up three types, manual, semi-automatic, fully automatic. When printing is indirect, it will be controlled by digital
8. finished and high-strength hard work-table with even suctionhole and high vacsorb, that can make sure overprinting accuratelly.
9. unique designed machine head up and down equipment, it is convenient to clean scraper, raclaim blade, screen frame
10. double guide pole controlling screen arm, installing the device for adjusting screen distance, regulated conveniently
11. installing scramming device on work-table, it accord with safty standard.


Technical parameter:

1.Max.printing area:600*800mm

2.Max.printing speed:1000PCS/Hr


4.Air pressure:5-7bar 
5.Worktable size:700*900MM
6.Max.workpiece height:0-20mm 
7.Number of Color: single color

Actual picture:




 auto unloading device










1 Q.What type ink do we use?

  A.if your product material is ABS, so the ink is used for ABS.If your product material is PVC,so the ink is used for PVC.and so on.Different type product will match different type ink.

2 Q.What items by this screen printing machine? can print  film sheet, pvc sheet, pp sheet, paper, plastic sheet

3 of delivery?

   A.this machine is full automatic machine,so it will need 20days

4 Q.can you customize machine ?


5 Q.what is its consumable?

   A.frame, mesh, squeegee, ink

6 can print multicolor?

   A.yes, it can , just need color register.If you want to print 1 color, so you will need to print 1 time.If you want to print 2 you will print 2 times.If you want to print 3 color, you will need to print 3 times and so on.

7 Q.the machine is safe when it is printing? have emergency stop switch 

8 Q.your machine have CE certification?


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